Values and Morals

At VoteJoe we understand that principles of responsibility, trustworthiness and accountability are currently resonating loudly with the voting public. This section will show our committment to supporting and preserving many different American Ideals.
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The American Flag

In an effort to kick off the campaign with a positive attitude we took advantage of Trent Lott's offer to fly a flag over the U.S. Capitol. Six weeks and $35.00 later we received our 4x6, all-cotton flag by mail. Thanks to Senator Trent Lott for his assistance.

Trent Lott, patriot

Trent Lott Flag

Turning To A Higher Power

VoteJoeGarden can use all the help it can get. That is why we turned to America's #1 Conduit To A Higher Power, the 700 Club for a prayer. Their eventual email response to our 3rd request is satisfactory to a point; however, a little more effort from The Club for The Future Of Late Night would be much appreciated.

Pat Robertson, holy man

700 Club, Pray For Us

Endorse Join On The Road Plan For Late Night Volunteer Communities