Death To The Braindead!

Dark Knight
Death To The Braindead!

Where to begin? There’s really no commentary to be made about this. The song/poem speaks for itself. The provenance, on the other hand, is an interesting story that reveals a little about Joe as well as the item. In High School, Joe attended a Saturday creative writing workshop for high school students with about 5 of his classmates, not with any actual writing, but just to check out what his peers were doing. Mind you, this was at a COLLEGE, so Joe was a bit intimidated. A few of them wound up going to the experimental poetry workshop, since that was where they thought they should go. There was only one entry, and that was two guys, apparently performing under the name Dark Knight, reading this out loud, switching off every other line.

My favorite part of this - besides, of course, the hand drawn battle axe at the bottom of the cover* - is that, were this written and read aloud today at a high-school event, these harmless guys would have been arrested and questioned for hours in the fear that they would start a shooting rampage. Death to the false metal!

* I have to confess that the cover was colored by me, and not the authors. And I was not the author, just to make absolutely clear.

From the Joe Garden collection.


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